Our Service

We welcome the opportunity to become your supply chain partner. From initial conceptual design, we look forward to seeking and delivering value with you.

Our services include a wide range of piling systems and solutions. This wide range of solutions enables value engineering to any project, whether it requires


No Name of Constrution Main Processes Period "Constracted by (undertaking)"
1 Gwangmyoung apartment Pile Kwang Myung Construction Co., Ltd.
2 Seohae apartment Pile "Seohai Construction Co., Ltd"
3 Hansam sihwa 4th factory Pile "Sambu Construction Co., Ltd"
4 Daedong apartment Pile DAC Dong Constructon Co., Ltd
5 The steel industry of Kuk je Pile DaeDo Construction
6 Dongbo apartment Pile DongBo Construction
7 Gesan dongbo apartment Pile DongBo Construction
8 Youngtong dongbo apartment Pile DongBo Construction
9 Daewoo apartment Pile DAEWOO Co., Ltd.
10 Asan dam road Pile SK Co., Ltd.
11 Boopyoung Daewoo apartment Pile DAEWOO Co., Ltd.
12 Junggwang apartment Pile Jeonggwang INdustrial Development Co., Ltd
13 Suwon daewoo apartment Pile DAEWOO Co., Ltd
14 IIdong daewoo apartment Pile DAEWOO Co., Ltd
15 sihwang daewoo apartment Pile DAEWOO Co., Ltd

Other Services


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